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Arbitration Court

The Business Court of Arbitration is a fully independent non-state organization, which settles civil disputes between natural or legal persons, indifferently from their subject, complexity and location of the parties in dispute.

The only requirement for submitting the case to the Business Court of Arbitration is a written agreement of the parties, confirming their wish of their dispute to be settled in the Business Court of Arbitration. All disputes, for which the above stated agreement is concluded, are under the jurisdiction of the Business Court of Arbitration. The Business Court of Arbitration, however, is not capable of settling disputes, which:

  • are connected with alteration of the Acts of Civic State Register;
  • are connected with the rights or interests of the persons in ward or tutelage;
  • are connected with real estate, but among the participants there is a person, whose rights to acquire real estate are limited by the law;
  • are connected with the interests of the third person, who has not asked the Business Court of Arbitration to interfere in his propertied interests;
  • one of the parties is a state or municipal establishment.

The Business Court of Arbitration settles disputes in accordance with its rules, unless the parties have agreed of another trial procedure, and also in accordance with the Civil Law of Procedures of the Republic of Latvia.

Court jurisdiction
The Business Arbitration Court has the right to settle civil and legal disputes between both physical persons and legal entities, regardless of whether they are located within Latvian borders or beyond them...
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